SI Italia is registered, from 11/17/2015, in the Chamber of Commerce of Rome in the special section as innovative startups.

Among the collaborations with leading actors and institutions involved in research for "Sigillo Informatico”, from now on called “InfoSeal, signal: laboratory of CNR Institute of Chemical Methodologies-IMC; IASMA-Experimental Agricultural Institute of San Michele all'Adige/ Edmund Mach Foundation; spin off of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice - Glures srl; the DISRT-Department of Tourism and Regional Development, research and studies relating to Managerial Economics (experimental Research Center MIUR # 52077xsgz).

Strategic technology partner is Arti Grafiche A.Rossi SpA in Milan, creator of print jobs safely (anti-counterfeiting and anti-duplication), with decades of experience in the printing of forms for the State Printing Office (Poligrafico dello Stato).

IT platform "InfoSeal 2.0®", 9/1/2015 (order nr.0098836) was registered with SIAE - special public register for computer programs. The program stems from previous research projects with scientific technical partner of international level.

InfoSeal 2.0 ® is now asset of SI Italia, holder of the exclusive rights are assets of exploitation.


“Info Seal 2.0”, the corporate asset

IT platform InfoSeal 2.0 comes from the research project "BioLabel" (POR FESR Lazio 2009-2013, axis I – activities i. 1), evolved with SI Italia investment in "Project tracking and tracing of typical products, ensuring, through the Institutional Repository, the link with the territory and promoting and valuing the quality".

At the CNR (National Research Council) Technical Committee “Info Seal” is active, consisting of five members: two representatives of the CNR, two SI Italia representatives and a President.


“Italian Experience” and the foreign market

In this first year of operation SI Italia has established partnerships with companies and associations involved in the provision of consultancy services for the internationalization of SMEs.

In May 2016 SI Italia has implemented the project "PEI – Project Experiences of Italy", a real format to represent the excellence and experience of our country, picking up full membership of companies operating abroad, first major market: China. The PEI is based on "2.0", therefore all members must share and accept the provisions of the SI Italia project.


Opportunities Abroad

In the last mission in China (9-26 January 2017), SI Italia has signed an agreement with Shenqian IDC Co., Ltd, and with the local government (Development Agency), to form a IT service company under Chinese law to implement a similar system to Info Seal 2.0, the goal is to promote and enhance the agri-food products of Guizhou province, the region in Southwest China, with a production of fruit garden, cereals and herbs, with features of high level quality and wholesomeness.

The format "Italian Experience" is a reference point for 13 Department Store Glixico in Guizhou, the Hangzhou Shimao Department Store, as well as the Free Trade Zone of Gui’an.

The Italian companies involved in the project are approximately one hundred, the sectors represented cover all excellence of our "made in Italy": food and beverage, fashion (child, woman and man), furniture (living room, bedrooms, bathroom), jewellery, restaurant and cafeteria.

SI Italia has been in the last two editions of B2B organised by Bank of China, the high-tech industry, invited to the third and fourth Edition (March and June 2017).